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vocabulary Somali saying: "If you lay woman a bed a thorns she will lay you a bed of roses"
A balloon flight

A balloon flight


So we decided to take a hot air balloon ride, as skydiving is a more dangerous activity. We were very happy with the flight, and on top of that we got a discount, so the hourly flight cost a little less for each person. There were 11 of us in the basket - at first I thought this would be a big disadvantage, but as it turned out, it only added to the excitement of the flight. It was a storm of emotions, funny comments, like a party in the air))

Unloading the Basket


Preparing for the flight

Preparing for the flight, our pilot Gennady from Chernihiv

Almost inflated

Almost inflated the balloon

Lifting the basket

Putting the hot air balloon on the ground... The balloon was quite big

This is what it looks like from the inside

It was quite hot standing right under the burner

Beautiful pattern of the dome

The dome

Taking off

The takeoff was very fast, we didn't have time to think!

Makarov from a bird's eye view

Makarov (possibly with something next to him) from a bird's eye view

Something like that

Village from a bird's eye view

Hello Earthlings!

Hello Earthlings! :)

This is definitely Makarov

We are definitely flying over Makarov

Top view

That's the top view

Well, I won't share the rest of the photos and videos for now. We accidentally hit a tree with the basket and waded into the lake up to our knees - I'll never forget that. Then we drank champagne, joked and laughed.

It was a lot of fun and very unusual. According to Gennadiy, the weather was extremely favorable for the flight and the landing was soft.

If you suddenly want to go ballooning, below are the contact details of our pilot:

Svirkul Gennadiy

President of the Ukrainian Ballooning Federation, Chernihiv
Sale of hot air balloons
- Application of logo on the envelope of the aerostat
- Conducting all-Ukrainian promotional tours
- Private flights, corporate events, shows 


 tel. (097) 041 11 11
 [email protected]

vocabulary Somali saying: "If you lay woman a bed a thorns she will lay you a bed of roses"

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