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vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."
Part 2 - Vacation in Kurortne reviews, Crimea

Part 2 - Vacation in Kurortne reviews, Crimea


I'm transcribing the remaining notes in the notebook... a year has passed, and I still can't find the time

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Writing in a row, straight from the diary...

*grumpy Tatars (thoughts aloud)

Be sure to take "instant soups" with you to ease the problem with food.

- 0.5 kg = 13 hryvnias (!!!)
Tomatoes - 1kg = 10-12 hryvnias (but sometimes for 7 hryvnias)
Cucumbers - 1kg = 10-12 hryvnias
Sausages/Small sausages - 1kg = 50/57 hryvnias
Wine - 1.5 liters = 35 hryvnias
Peaches - 1kg = 20-25 hryvnias
Kvass - 0.5l = 5 hryvnias
Instant coffee (prepared) - 1 cup = 5 hryvnias
Chebureki - 8 hryvnias, assorted meat and cheese
Centipedes and spiders in the room - for free
Tampons - 20 hryvnias
Sunscreen - 45-46 hryvnias
Draught beer - 6 hryvnias
Cigarettes of any kind, as well as cigars - individually and in packs.
Candles - 7 UAH/piece (this is when they turn off the light, about 2-3 times a week)
Hookah - small/medium/large = 40/50/70 hryvnias (I personally didn't like it)
Baklava - 7 hryvnias
Wafer rolls - 8 hryvnias/piece

Pedal boat - 1 hour = 20 hryvnias
Transparent water ball - 5 minutes = 25 hryvnias

3-mistakes: (all this was in the house we rented)

 1. bought 0.5 kg of sugar for 13 hryvnias :)
 2. bought 100 grams of salt - 1 UAH.
 3. bought 1 candle - 7 UAH.

3rd day

On the third day, they finally fixed the wiring (touch wood) - and now we have light!!

We saw three dolphins today.

  Smoked a hookah at the small restaurant near the pier "Stella" - 60 hryvnias, it cost. With milk. Sehr schlecht. Really bad. The service was also terrible - they simply forgot about us, not even on time. A dirty guy who went to take a shower (!) during the service (to the second floor, we just saw everything). And after, he walked around the establishment in his underwear :) We waited 30 minutes for him to return with the order. Very dirty table, placemats, which served as chairs, seemingly with a claim to Eastern style. The smell of unwashed socks.

  The hookah - was clogged, barely pulled. Moreover, it was dirty and stained.

  Then we went to the "Skala" cafe - after the unfortunate hookah, we decided, so to speak, to rehabilitate ourselves. In this cafe, the service is quite decent, timely, inexpensive - tasty. Clean, neat, and cozy. Plasma on the wall - for football lovers. A pleasant waitress. Excellent chebureki. As well as great French fries (natural).

Toilet at the market
It's just terrible, so awful that it's impossible to convey with words, and all this "pleasure" costs 2 hryvnias

Beer here costs 6 hryvnias for 0.5 l.
Cheese pancakes 8 UAH/2 pcs.
Kvass 5 UAH/0.5 l

About the bedding:
If you take your own bedding - there are no problems. If you don't mind sleeping on the linen provided here and using their blanket - there are no problems either.

In another case - you will need at least pants and a light long-sleeved shirt (like my kangaroo), as well as socks. It gets cold here at night.

Also, if you decide to spend time outside in the evening when it gets dark - mosquitoes will simply eat you alive.

You need either something against mosquitoes or some kind of sports suit so that they can't bite through it, and don't wear sandals - you'll regret it in the evening. :)

August 29

Last days of summer. Today the beach is not crowded. A wave has risen and the pebbles are gradually being washed away, thereby raising the shoreline.

People. Sometimes it seems that they are creatures tortured by underground captivity, with pale skin, loose and chubby. As if the places they came from forbid them to walk around showing their bodies. It's hard to believe that one can neglect their body so much...

Do they really have so many worries? Is it so necessary to have completely atrophied muscles? I thought I didn't have time for myself.

The sea and the scorching sun seem to be healers, curing the tormented human bodies.


How much richer and more valuable are those moments and minutes of life when you are tormented by hunger. When you haven't eaten for almost 2 days. Then you start to appreciate things anew, reevaluating your attitude towards them.

If you haven't eaten anything all day, except for 1 liter of kefir, one boiled egg, a slice of bread, and a cup of instant coffee, without having the opportunity to count on anything more - you won't understand me.

Forced dieting awakens the inner "muse," intensifying the colors of life as much as it was possible in childhood.

And you just want to scream from the feeling of sharpness and depth, as if I'm really 12 years old again :)

Memory works perfectly, recalling any seemingly "hard-to-reach" memory area is easier than ever...

P.S. After all, the thing is that at the end of the vacation in Crimea, the money ran out sooner than we thought... Take some extra.

Photos of Kurortne 2010

де ми жили / place where we lived
vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."

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