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vocabulary Mark Twain: "Let us live so that when we die even the undertaker is saddened."
Castor oil - restoration of damaged hair

Castor oil - restoration of damaged hair

Health and Beauty

Tips like castor oil: giving is not hard, taking is not pleasant.

Henry Wheeler Shaw

American humorist writer

Castor oil has been one of the most valuable cosmetic and healing oils for centuries. Not so long ago its popularity has grown so much in modern cosmetology that It's impossible to be silent about its miraculous properties!

Ricinus communis – exactly this plant used, to produce castor oil by Hot-pressing method. It consists of 85% of ricinoleic acid (viscous and fairly dense in consistency), which determines its excellent nutritional and protective properties. Under the influence of hot steam in Castor Oil ricin being neutralised – a toxic substance, without which the oil becomes suitable for cosmetic use. The castor oil is native to tropical and subtropical countries of our planet. For worldwide marketing, most of all, it is grown in India, Brazil and Chile.

History of the use of castor oil

Even in the ancient Sanskrit records first century BC, there is mention of the fact that even at this time the castor oil plant was cultivated in North and East Africa regions and used for preparation of medicines. Its name – «castor oil» or «ricinus», the substance derived from the Romans, which translates – «mite», as the seeds of the plant resemble it. Castor oil - restoration of damaged hair

The plant was first found in burials of Egyptian pharaohs dating from fourth to third centuries BC. It has been proven that its place of origin is Ethiopia. From there it spread far to the mouths of the Niger and Senegal rivers. The local population used the plant extensively in the household and even agriculture. Fencing crops with its high bushes, the Ethiopians successfully preserved crops because these "fences" of large ricinus bushes served as an excellent protection from the sun and a peculiar marker of territory.

The oil from the seeds of the ricin (castor oil) served in those days as a protective antiseptic and moisturizer for the skin. By rubbing castor oil on their bodies, people were also spared from cold. The oil was widely used in tanning and lighting homes. From Africa the plant got to India and spread throughout Asia, and from there it came to Europe as well.

The castor oil became particularly popular because of its its powerful strengthening effect on the hair. Human hair is not only designed to protect us from external environmental damage, but is also part of the external beauty. Every girl wants to have Enchanting and gorgeous hair and eyelashes! However, what should you do if your hair far from perfect?!

Woman's body built in such a way that any kind of unfavorable situation or stress can drastically affect the condition of her hair. At times like these, we end up going shopping around for a miracle cure-all remedy, not realizing that the effect of folk remedies has always been and always will be the best possible. Castor oil can always help you get rid of a messed up and/ or damaged hair. You can get it over-the-counter at any drugstore, pharmacy and it is cheap.

Castor oil in cosmetology

Castor oil not only has the power to heal hair that is dry, weak, or split, but also completely restore its structure! And that, dear ladies, is a really big deal. Each of us, for sure, had tried at least once an incredibly expensive salon treatment and knows for sure that it didn't have the desired effect. The effect is not what you really want it to be! Lively, thick and gorgeous hair requires natural and complete care. Castor oil is by far one of the best restorative oils.

Since castor oil – is completely natural, it literally "feeds" the hair and envelops it in a natural protective film, prevents repetitive damage. The intensity of the repair of your hair will be a joy for any girl. After a month of active application the hair will begin to shine and become "alive" in appearance and touch, and After 6 months, you won't recognize your hair!

The most easy recipe that doesn't require much time or complicated preparation – is to apply pure castor oil to the scalp, and a little along the length of the hair, preheating it with a water bath. After that, the head should be wrapped in clingfilm and a towel for better effect. The oil can be left on the Head for over an hour, and even overnight, if it does not create discomfort. Rinse at least twice with a mild shampoo.

Castor oil can replace any expensive deep moisturizer because it quickly makes your skin look fresh, elasticity and even heals cracks and chapped skin. If you have castor oil in your medicine cabinet, you can take full care of yourself, successfully preserving beauty and health !

vocabulary Mark Twain: "Let us live so that when we die even the undertaker is saddened."

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