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vocabulary Jerzy Letz: "Think before you think."
The importance of magnesium in bone health

The importance of magnesium in bone health

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"Magnesium helps maintain healthy and strong bones by participating in the absorption of calcium in the body."

As a result, the human skeletal system remains healthy and sturdy much longer.

Researchers from the Body Composition Study (Health ABC), which focuses on studying life expectancy and its influencing factors, reached this conclusion.

University experts carefully examined 2038 medical records of elderly men and women to determine the amount of magnesium they received from food and supplements. Then they measured the bone density of each patient using a scanning device called a "Fan Densitometer."

The results were very clear and unambiguous: the more magnesium-containing products and supplements the elderly consumed, the stronger their bones were. "For every 100 milligrams of consumed magnesium, there was a 2-percent increase in bone tissue density," says lead author Catherine Ryder, MD, a physician at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

Following the research on the impact of magnesium on the skeletal system, it was found that even a small decrease in bone density can have «major consequences for health»  and overall vitality. Among the surveyed elderly people with the highest bone density, good physical fitness and energy were also observed!

It is not entirely clear how exactly magnesium can significantly affect bone health, but it is definitely understood that it plays a vital role in how the body uses calcium.

Katherine Rider also derived an approximate norm for the consumption of this mineral: 3-4 servings of low-fat dairy products per day. Excellent sources of magnesium also include green vegetables, beans, avocados, and nuts. The total amount of magnesium needed per day is about 300 mg. If for some reason you consume few such products, special mineral complexes will be an excellent alternative!

vocabulary Jerzy Letz: "Think before you think."

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