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vocabulary Jerzy Letz: "Think before you think."
Vitamin E: Guardian of Beauty

Vitamin E: Guardian of Beauty

Health and Beauty

Vitamin E ranks among the top vitamins for youth and longevity. It is recognized worldwide as a guardian of beauty and health. Vitamin E has a wonderful effect on the condition of hair, skin, and rejuvenates the body. In essence, it is so beneficial for health that in this article, we will discuss how to achieve amazing results and maintain beauty for many years with its help!

 vitamin EA few historical facts. In the 1920s, famous scientist H.M. Evans first discovered a substance in ordinary wheat germ that had a beneficial effect on the health and reproduction of laboratory rats. Ten years later, this substance was officially named "tocopherol" (from Latin "tokos" - birth, "ferro" - to bear). In the mid-1930s, Dr. Shute became interested in tocopherol. Aware of the beneficial effects of vitamin E on living organisms, the doctor conducted an experiment on a patient, feeding him large amounts of sprouted wheat. The result exceeded all expectations, as the patient's health significantly improved. Dr. Shute also managed to cure his wife, a famous athlete who suffered from heart rheumatism, by giving her doses 100 times the daily requirement. The effectiveness of vitamin E was so great that the magazine "Prevention"  reported that Dr. Shute managed to cure thousands of patients from around the world. Many of the patients believed that they had experienced a real "miracle" as their health improved dramatically.

 The great benefits of vitamin E are due to its antioxidant properties. In other words, it enhances the nourishment of the body's cells and significantly slows down their oxidation. The result is a young and healthy organism! Tissue structure and metabolic processes improve. For this reason, vitamin E is indispensable in treating scalp skin, improving hair structure, promoting proper growth and nourishment.

 To truly appreciate the wonderful effects of vitamin E on the entire body, it is necessary to use it not only externally (in the form of masks) but also to consume it in food. Fortunately, it is found in large quantities in vegetable oils (especially in cereal germs), eggs, liver, green vegetables, nuts, and meat.

 A good alternative can be special supplements or pharmacy capsules, which are widely available nowadays. Of course, it is important to remember that the best source of vitamins will always be natural products!

By saturating the body with a sufficient amount of vitamin E, one can certainly significantly improve the condition of the skin, hair, and heart function in a short period of time!

 Did you know that… Daily intake of wheat germ oil for a month increases the elasticity and hydration of the skin and hair by 30%? This can be a real salvation for any girl in the struggle to maintain beauty and youth! After all, every beauty aspires to achieve maximum skin elasticity and beauty!

 Beneficial masks based on vitamin E, in a short period of time, will allow you to achieve excellent results! Our best helpers will be cosmetic oils. Wheat germ oil, olive, and linseed oil contain the most vitamin E. However, the maximum effect can be achieved with the addition of liquid vitamin E to any oil-based cosmetic mask. It can be purchased at a pharmacy (alpha-tocopherol acetate) and is quite inexpensive.

It is enough to complete a course of 15 – 20 masks to see the wonderful results from the action of vitamin E. And don't forget that 50% of your beauty will always depend on your diet!

vocabulary Jerzy Letz: "Think before you think."

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