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vocabulary Jerzy Letz: "Think before you think."
What are Chia Seeds and why are they so beneficial?!

What are Chia Seeds and why are they so beneficial?!

Health and Beauty

"CHIA" translates as "oily". Chia seeds originate from Central and South America. Initially, it was a product of the ancient Maya Aztecs. In our time, it is a product of super-diets and a guarantee of excellent health!

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And why is it "oily" after all...? As Wayne Coates, a distinguished professor of agricultural engineering at the University of Arizona, says, "Chia seeds are the most valuable plant source of omega-3"! In addition, it is a "very protein-rich" plant, as 18 grams of pure protein and 150% of the daily norm of dietary fiber account for just 100 grams of seeds! Chia contains more fiber than flax and wheat, and at least twice as much vitamin B3 as any other product! 

chia benefitsClinical studies by Dr. Li Jia led to a multitude of amazing results:

1. regular consumption of chia seeds (2-5 tablespoons a day) reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 80%;
2. high blood pressure is reduced to normal;
3. chia seeds help lose weight in 90% of cases more "easily" than without their consumption, as the body stays full longer and this prevents overeating;
4. the amount of "bad" cholesterol in the blood is significantly reduced.

Another interesting study was conducted by Dr. Vladimir Vuksan, a Ph.D. and professor at the University of Toronto. He found that in people with type 2 diabetes, consuming 3 tablespoons/day of chia seeds significantly reduced blood pressure and inflammation markers! This comparison was made against the same amount of consumed wheat bran! Importantly, the well-being of the subjects during the study improved significantly! When asked to rate the results of chia seeds' impact on their bodies, 96% gave an overall rating of – "excellent result."

Although chia seeds are a "foreign" product, they can be easily ordered on websites with delivery to Ukraine. The most reliable website providing a high-quality product to date is IHERB.COM.

Chia seeds can be used in the preparation of various dishes, baking bread, making smoothies, adding to porridge, and simply eating in their pure form! Chia seeds will bring enormous benefits to your skin and hair, and also cleanse your body!

vocabulary Jerzy Letz: "Think before you think."

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