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vocabulary Somali saying: "if you give a woman a bed of roses she will give you a bed of thorns"
Interesting facts from Mickey Rourke's life

Interesting facts from Mickey Rourke's life

Personalities & Interviews
  • Mickey Rourke's real name is Philip Andre Rourke – his modern name stuck thanks to his biological father, who was a fan of baseball player Mickey Mantle and simply started calling his son by that name.
  • Rourke is left-handed, with a real height of 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches).
  • For a long time, he was friends with a certain John Gotti, the boss of the Italian-American mafia in New York, one of the largest five «families».
  • 1975 was a turning point in Rourke's life. He decided to change everything and, borrowing $400 from his sister, flew to New York with the idea of becoming an actor.
  • As a screenwriter, he is credited under the pseudonym Sir Eddie Cook.
  • Almost all of Mickey Rourke's fights were won in the final round.
  • There was an incident when he was arrested in one of the bars in Miami Beach for a drunken rampage. When he was being detained, everything escalated into a major fight, in which Rourke dealt serious blows to both the bar patrons and the police. In court, however, he encountered humane and somewhat «humorous» people who ordered the instigator of the fight to teach children the basics of boxing for six months, free of charge.
  • During the period when Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rourke were good friends, they went to a bar. What really happened there is still unknown, but according to Van Damme's story, someone insulted him and started a fight. The outcome was unexpected. Van Damme hid behind Mickey, who took the blows for both of them. Surprisingly, Rourke knocked out the foe.
  • For the famous movie «9 1/2 Weeks», he lost 10 kg (22 lbs), and for «The Pope of Greenwich Village» he gained 12 kg (26.5 lbs). Rourke always managed to easily «play» with his weight, quickly gaining or losing many kilograms (pounds) if circumstances demanded it.
  • He got an IRA fighters tattoo specifically for «A Prayer for the Dying». For «Barfly», he removed two healthy teeth, and for the movie «Francesco», he did seven takes rolling naked in the snow.
  • Upon returning to the ring, his trainer became the famous Freddie Roach. He trained in the same gym as the legend – Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).


vocabulary Somali saying: "if you give a woman a bed of roses she will give you a bed of thorns"

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