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Mickey Rourke: boxing career

Mickey Rourke: boxing career

Personalities & Interviews

Philip's childhood

"Sport - I always loved it much more than shooting. I adore it"

RourkeMickey Rourke became famous not only for his eccentric acting in movies but also for his professional boxing career! Mickey dedicated his young years to boxing, largely due to growing up in the Liberty City ghetto (Miami). This run-down neighborhood was full of everything unfavorable for a normal life: drugs, street fights, gang shootouts, homeless people everywhere, and constant raids. The harshness was also due to the cruelty of his stepfather. He was a California police officer who thought the best methods of upbringing were fists and a baseball bat!

Rourke's biological father was a very large and healthy man who engaged in weightlifting and constantly participated in various fistfights. Mickey inherited his father's genes, even though he didn't remember him very well since his parents separated when he was six.

Boxing lessons

Constant stress and poverty led 11-year-old Mickey to the school boxing club, where he could vent all his emotions in the ring. A little later, the boy started training with famous coach Billy Slayton. He agreed to regularly tutor Mickey, and this became a decisive moment in his future boxing career. Later, Rourke often visited the famous 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach. He didn't recognize any authorities at all and, as he later admitted, just wanted to get back at his stepfather for his meanness and cruelty.

микки руркMickey Rourke's experience in fistfights was enhanced by the «live» practice. He liked to wander around the blocks of his neighborhood and get into fights with Cubans. It was much better for him than constantly getting beaten by his stepfather for no reason. One day, the stepfather wanted to "discipline" him again, but to his great surprise, he received a powerful right punch to the jaw. Now Mickey could stand up for himself and had grown significantly stronger in the ring. Mickey's mother, frightened, asked her son to leave home. She was terribly afraid that her new husband and son could now kill each other. And her fear was not unfounded…

By the age of 18, the young man could knock out anyone, and a brutal retaliation awaited those who tried to «hurt» Rourke. As he progressed, thanks to his coach who managed to direct the young man's aggression into a more «sporty» channel, Mickey began to compete in the junior team. In his middleweight division, he fought an impressive 47 amateur fights.

The end of his boxing career

He was considered one of the strongest fighters in Miami, but his boxing fame did not last long. At 19, Rourke suffered a severe concussion in the ring. This happened due to the carelessness of the young fighter, who went against a boxer with whom he was given no chance of winning. The doctor warned Mickey that he should now completely give up training for at least a year, otherwise, he would face serious coordination problems.

Mickey Rourke did just that, but rumors say that this injury was not the real reason why he had to leave the ring. Around the same time, Mickey's friend, a boxer, died before his eyes. The young man passed away after a fight, and Rourke was deeply grieving the loss. Whether this information is true or not, no one can determine to this day.

Famous boxer Robert Conrad gave a good characterization of Mickey Rourke as an athlete. Once, watching Mickey's fight in the final, he hastily left, saying: «He doesn't box, he kills. This is not a sport, it's desperation». That's how it was, he fought with anger and desperation, emotions pouring like a fountain. A similar characterization was given to Mike Tyson in history: «He doesn't hit to win – he hits to hurt».

When Mickey Rourke was once asked in an interview about his sports past, it must be said that he replied with pleasure and a touch of sarcasm: «I always loved sports much more than filming. I adore it, and before the psychiatric ward starts missing me, I want to try myself in some kind of sport again. By the way, when you're over forty, what kind of sports can you do? Maybe fishing?»

Influence of sports past on the actor's life

Here's another interesting quote from Rourke about his sports career: «Sports significantly changed my appearance. When I needed to «fix» my nose, doctors simply took cartilage from my ear, as there was simply none left in my nose». Before becoming a famous actor, his boxing practice greatly helped him earn a living. Almost always, Mickey took on jobs requiring brute force, from security guards to bouncers. Once, he even worked part-time at a transvestite bar.

During the best years of his acting career, Rourke shone as a mega-star thanks to his boxing skills. For example, in the movie «Homeboy», he genuinely withstood all rounds, and despite the «role», the punches were real, without any tricks. The film became very spectacular and realistic.

миккиAs is known, Mickey Rourke is a very direct and wilful person. When he grew tired of his acting career, and directors started making higher demands on his work, he simply snapped and returned to boxing! At the age of 40, mind you! Rourke didn't completely abandon movies; he simply chose roles to his taste and fought in the ring simultaneously. Out of his first 11 fights, Rourke won six by knockout, three on points, and two were draws. «What a comeback» - the press wrote about it.

Mickey didn't spare himself in the ring; at forty, he received numerous serious injuries. His jaw, nose, cheekbones, and facial bones were often broken. Each time, he had to undergo plastic surgery, and his appearance changed quite a bit during this period, although he remains a sex symbol to this day. Rourke was even offered to fight for a world championship title in one of the versions, but not from the main list, relatively «local». After much deliberation, Mickey declined the offer and left the ring altogether in 1995. Watch Mickey's fight in 1993, a knockout victory.

It must be said that Mickey Rourke is a very colorful person, and his life is full of many curious and quite comical stories! Read more in the continuation.

vocabulary Albert Einstein: "The most incomprehensible thing in this world is that it is comprehensible."

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