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vocabulary Lichtenberg: "To try to do everything at once is to do nothing."
Mike Glover 1908г

Mike Glover 1908г

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  A photo taken in New York City around 1908. "Mike Glover" was the nickname of Michael D. Cavanaugh, who was about 18 years old in the photo and fought in the welterweight division. He died in 1917 after contracting a severe cold* while training for his final bout against Ted Lewis.

* a severe cold - can cause very severe complications and cannot be cured with medication. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses and are therefore useless in treating diseases caused by viruses. In addition, there were no antibiotics at that time (the first commercially available antibiotic Prontosil was discovered in 1932 in Germany by Gerhard Domagk in the laboratories of Bayer).

Mike Glover - Michael Glover

  Michael fought in 94 matches over an 8-year career. Some matches were held with only a few days in between, and in at least two cases, he fought in the ring twice in one day. Today, the number of fights held by an average boxer over an 8-year period does not exceed 40.

  ("According to unofficial data, there were even more fights. The obituary in the newspaper that published his death also states that Michael began his training at the age of 13. Interestingly, he won his last (fatal) bout. And his illness lasted for more than a year." - Dave)

vocabulary Lichtenberg: "To try to do everything at once is to do nothing."

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