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World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF)

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vocabulary h.z.: "The greater the resistance, the stronger the desire."

- one of the international professional boxing organizations, the sixth largest, which has the right to register and hold international boxing tournaments. The WPBF calls itself the most representative of the international democratic institutions of professional boxing, as all of its activities are aimed at the promotion and service of sports boxing shows. The priorities of the WPBF activity are: promulgation of official monthly evaluations, effective protection, safety and welfare of athletes, implementation of a set of measures to ensure safety and protection of boxing in general, as well as the promotion of the principles of fairness and equal opportunity in boxing, such as impartiality, fairness and equitable treatment for all boxers. The organization exercises its authority (concerning the regulation, control and supervision of professional Boxing) in jurisdictions throughout Africa, Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North and South America. (not active)

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vocabulary h.z.: "The greater the resistance, the stronger the desire."