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vocabulary La Rochefoucauld: "Stubbornness is born of the limitations of our minds: we are reluctant to believe what goes beyond our horizons."
Pumped biceps at home

Pumped biceps at home


It is desirable to have dumbbells or a small barbell at hand, but it is also possible to manage with just a horizontal bar.

Biceps is a prominent muscle of the body, consisting of short and long muscle heads. This muscle stands out effectively even in a relaxed state.

Pumping through pull-ups

For the best effect, you should follow this pull-up system:

  1. Perform the maximum number of pull-ups in the first set.
  2. After a 2-minute break, do the second set, with the number of pull-ups reduced by half.
  3. Before performing the third set, take a three-minute break. The number of pull-ups should match the number from the first set.
  4. The fourth set is done 1 minute after the third one.
  5. After completing the exercise and catching your breath, perform as many push-ups from the floor as possible.

During the first week of training, follow this sequence: a day of exercise – a day of rest. After the first week, alternate three days of rest with three days of exercise. After a month of training, noticeable biceps and wide back muscles will appear, which look very impressive.

Having tried this system, you will be convinced that there is no need to pump at the gym to achieve pumped biceps – an ordinary horizontal bar will help you.

Pumping with dumbbells

Dumbbells are also an excellent tool for pumping biceps. The load with dumbbells is determined individually, as people have different arm strength. Therefore, it is necessary to warm up before exercising. Avoid jerky movements.

Harmonious breathing is also important. Inhale when lowering the dumbbell, and exhale when lifting it. It is optimal to train biceps using this system twice a week - more is not necessary, otherwise, muscles will not have enough time to recover, which can lead to microtraumas. By following the above rules, you will avoid muscle injuries and unpleasant sensations.

Exercises for pumping biceps:

  • You will need an ordinary stool. Sit on it with your legs spread apart, and place your arm with a dumbbell between them. Your elbow should rest approximately on your knee. The exercise consists of bending and straightening your arm.
  • The next exercise involves lifting dumbbells with your wrists facing outward. At the endpoint, tense the muscle as much as possible. Then pause, and tense the muscle to the count of one-two-three-four. Repeat this procedure with your other arm.
  • Stand up straight, holding dumbbells with a straight grip, and slowly bend your arms. At the highest point, make a brief pause. Perform this exercise also 15 to 20 times.
vocabulary La Rochefoucauld: "Stubbornness is born of the limitations of our minds: we are reluctant to believe what goes beyond our horizons."

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