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vocabulary В. Dostoevsky: "It takes a really great man to be able to resist even common sense."
Home barbell workout - Upper chest

Home barbell workout - Upper chest


  Warm-up: This is a set of exercises aimed at warming up the joints (in this case, the joints of the upper body).

Warm-up of working muscles

 To warm up the muscles after the warm-up, we took a small weight of 48 kg and did 2 sets. While doing bench press on an inclined bench, it is important to focus on fixing the barbell at the top and bottom points. The number of repetitions should be at least 10. Home workouts are a very responsible activity where safety techniques are even more important.

Working sets - beginning of home workouts

Barbell at home

 1. Inclined bench: 2 sets of 60 kg (8-12 reps). After the first 2 warm-up sets, we increased the weight to 58 kg and did another 2 sets. Number of repetitions: 8-12.

 2. Inclined bench: 2 sets of 72 kg The third weight was 72 kg, we tried to do 8-10 reps, and if necessary, helped a little (last 1-2 reps), the goal is to "squeeze everything" out of the muscles until the last drop. So, we worked with this weight for another 2 sets (some of us who were not yet accustomed to the load were able to do only 1 set).

Muscle pumping 1st stage

  Inclined bench: light bar for repetition. Then comes a set with a small weight to "work through" the chest muscle fibers thoroughly, working, so to speak, for quantity - "finishing off" the chest. Working weight of 40 - 58 kg, as you like (the main thing is to be able to do 15 reps without much effort).

Muscle pumping 2nd stage

Dumbbell flyes at home

  Horizontal bench: 3 sets of dumbbell flyes, which we did on a horizontal bench for the final result, and that's what we did, taking a small weight of 16 kg and doing 10-15 sets.

 Before this last set, we took a little detour and worked with boxing pads - 3 sets: 2 for endurance, with expanders (or rather medical bands folded in half), and 1 set for "technique," working on the accuracy of movements, and practicing dodges and counterattacks.

 And for dessert, at the end of the workout, ab workout. Here, everyone chooses what's most convenient for them. Our choice was the "8-Minute Abs" workout.

 P.S. I know that there are numerous techniques and "correct" advice from professionals on this matter. However, in our articles, I describe our own training style, which nonetheless yields results. It works perfectly for us, and therefore, I hope it will also be useful for you.

vocabulary В. Dostoevsky: "It takes a really great man to be able to resist even common sense."

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