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vocabulary h.z.: "The greater the resistance, the stronger the desire."
Dumbbell arm workout

Dumbbell arm workout


We offer you an 8-minute arm workout that will perfectly work all the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle! When you feel that everything "burns" during the workout, you know you're getting great results! This workout is designed for maximum muscle engagement, without any "extra movements" for a good burn in the muscles.

Thanks to this complex, results come quickly, and you can perform them both at home and in the gym! Grab 2 dumbbells weighing 3-5 kg (6.6-11 lbs) each and let's go!

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds. The yellow color in the pictures indicates the muscle areas involved in each exercise. The photos show the initial and final positions of the hands with dumbbells. All 8 exercises will comprehensively work all muscle groups of the arms. Set aside 8 minutes of your time and... let's begin!

  1. The first exercise warms up the arm muscles and works the deltoids and triceps. When pushing the dumbbell up, try to use the forearm and triceps muscles to maximize the effect. Do this for 1 minute!
  2. Continue pushing the dumbbell up, but now lift one leg off the ground and balance on one leg. This is done to engage the back and chest muscles. Overall, the entire upper body's muscular corset is strengthened by balancing on one leg. Stand for 30 seconds on the right leg and 30 seconds on the left!
  3. This exercise involves all the deltoid muscles, forearms, biceps, and triceps at once! Raise the dumbbell to the shoulder, rotate the palm with the dumbbell away from you, and straighten your arm forward. This rotational movement comprehensively works all the arm muscles. Perform 30 seconds for the right arm and 30 seconds for the left arm.
    all arms
  4. Continue working the triceps. Extend the arm upward and bend it at the elbow joint, bringing the dumbbell behind the head. At the same time, try to keep the arm still (only bending at the elbow) and not swing the torso. This way, the triceps will be worked to the fullest. Perform 30 seconds for the right arm and 30 seconds for the left arm.
    working triceps
  5. Lift the dumbbells up using the forearm and triceps muscles. The biceps are also strengthened here. Do this for 1 minute.
  6. The "Hammer" exercise effectively works the lateral part of the biceps, the shoulder, and the brachioradialis muscles. It's an excellent shaping exercise. Perform it for 1 minute with both hands!
  7. One of the best exercises for deep triceps work, the posterior part of the deltoid muscles, and the forearms. Extend the forearms backward, only bending them at the elbow joint, keeping the arms pressed against the torso. Perform for 60 seconds with both hands.
    back part of the arms
  8. Finish the workout with an exercise that deeply works the forearm and biceps muscles. Raise the arm with the dumbbell towards the opposite shoulder. Perform for 30 seconds on each arm!forearms
    Thanks to these simple exercises, in just 8 minutes you will feel a strong burn in your arm muscles, which means the results will be outstanding! We wish you strong muscle soreness and excellent results!

vocabulary h.z.: "The greater the resistance, the stronger the desire."

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