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vocabulary Pierre Boist: "It takes our whole lives to learn how to use it."
Getting your butt in shape for the summer

Getting your butt in shape for the summer


Table of Contents

1. Gym or home butt workout (4 sets of exercises) + PHOTO

Leg Presses
Glute Kick Lunges
Free Weight Lunges

2. A home butt workout program (video)

Glutes in 8 minutes
Hollywood Coach. Hip and buttock correction

Workout your butt in the gym, at home

There are two types of workouts for our glutes: strength and free weights. Today let's talk about strength training. These exercises forge our glutes in a such desired shape! This complex is designed in a short time to pull up and pump the most unyielding muscle legs – glutes. Below are the photos from the competitions, for which the girls use mostly strength training, and you can expect the same results:

Beautiful butts after strength training

The beginning requires a warm-up. Here it is especially important not to waste energy on cardio warm-ups: running, stepping, jumping, because we will need a lot of strength for strength training! It will be enough to warm up our joints with the usual squats, body turns, stretching the legs. This is especially important to do before strength training, as we will warm up the knee, calf and elbow joints. The warm-up should not be ignored under any circumstances!


Women's squat

Finished the warm-up – now we can safely move on to strength training. First we're going to do squats with a regular barbell bar, to prepare for heavier weights. The squats – are the essentials and sometimes it is better to skip some other exercises, but not the squats. Having done the squats with a regular barbell bar, you can safely add weights. It is best to take 20 kg, no more (in case you have an olympic bar, it is already wehghs 20 kg). It will create an optimal load on the gluteal muscles and will not allow it to increase in volume, and make it elastic. However, if you are a beginner, it is better to start with 5-10 kg. Remember that it is better not to exceed the weight of 25 kg, if you do not nail in excellent physical shape, because it can do more harm than good results. The technique of performing squats is of fundamental importance. This exercise must be performed in 3 sets of 12 times!

2. Leg press

After squatting, our legs are well warmed up and now we can proceed to the leg press. The exercise is performed on a special vertical platform, in which we rest our feet, half-lying on a special bench (any trainer or gym regular will be happy to show it to you). The whole emphasis is on pushing out such a platform with your feet, with quite a lot of weight. It is better if it will be 20 -25 kg, and if you are just starting out, then five kg will be enough. When you press your legs, you should not straighten them completely, so that the load does not go to the knee joints and does not injure them. It is very important to know that in order to transfer the load to the buttocks as much as possible, you must put your feet in the upper part of the platform and push out with the heels! Depending on the position of the legs in the leg press, you can pump all sides of the thighs. After three such approaches of 20 times, you will feel a noticeable burning sensation in the gluteal muscles and appreciate the results!

3 Lunges

Unusually enough, a lot of people completely ignore the importance of regular lunges. And they shouldn't! After all, it is the lunges that lift the butt up and allow you to achieve an enchanting shape of the buttocks! We can say that these exercises do all the aesthetic work on the legs and form a beautiful look from the «back». In addition, they are good for pumping all sides of the thighs and shins. You can do lunges with ordinary dumbbells, with your own weight, but it is better to do it with the same weight of 20 kg (the result will be faster and progress will not be long in coming). For this purpose a barbell placed behind the head or a Smith's exerciser will do the best. After the first two exercises dreined our strength and to make it easier – make an exercise on one leg, and then on the second, with half a minute pauses. We do backward lunges, that is, we take one leg back. The supporting leg should form a 90° with the floor, do not protrude the knee forward. Keep your back straight, don't lean forward. When you get up – push off with your toe. It's desirable to do 3 approaches for each leg, 12 reps for each leg. That's it, it's that simple!

Lunges in smitt trainer

Home training is something that many people struggle with, so the psychological component of the process should be positive. Organize your workouts at home so that nobody disturbs you or disturbs you. And know that the main thing is consistency, and not the result. That way, you can train at your own pleasure and achieve more.

4. Lunges with free weightsLunges with girls' weightlifts

After the strength workout we've already done, you can rest for a couple of minutes and then consolidate the results with free weight lunges! This is required in order to increase the effect of the strength training several times, which is what we need. And so, take a pair of pancakes or a dumbbell at your discretion and begin to lunge alternately with your legs forward. It is very important that during the lunge the emphasis was on 2 legs, the back and shoulders should be straight. When falling out, both feet must form a right angle with the floor and rise as you exhale! For each leg, 15-20 times, all the same – 3 sets!

With this kind of – not tricky strength training, in 2-3 months you significantly pump and raise the gluteal muscles. The main thing is regularity and remember! Good luck!

home butt training VIDEO

Video program "8 Minute Buns" , a great technique to help you train your glute muscles at entry level:

The second Video program, suitable for girls with a more advanced level, and for those who "not enough" after the first program:

Hollywood Tenor by Jeanette Jenkins for the hips and buttocks

vocabulary Pierre Boist: "It takes our whole lives to learn how to use it."

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