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vocabulary Bruce Lee: "Among other things, don't try to cheat yourself in any exercise: work only with the weight you will handle without undue strain."
Learning to Run - Part Two (Final)

Learning to Run - Part Two (Final)


The beginning of this article how I started to run.

Don't be shy!

At first, I was often plagued by many anxious thoughts. I thought about how I would leave the house in shorts, revealing my imperfect figure.

How I would go to the stadium where excellent runners train and run very slowly while they sprint past. I felt embarrassed when I had to switch to walking. I was constantly afraid of what people would think of me. But, over time, observing those around me, I realized that they didn't care what I was doing and didn't pay attention to my appearance. And even if someone was looking at me a second ago, they have completely forgotten about my presence now. So, confidently cast away all doubts, step out of the house, and run!

Learning to Run - Part Two (Final)

Choose the right footwear

When I went to the sports store, I had no idea that the wide range of running shoes would shock me. It turns out there is a specific type for asphalt, which includes shoes for heavy runners. There are also sneakers for people with flat feet and for those who twist the toe of their foot differently. There are also special shoes for fast running, but they are not suitable for frequent training because they provide poor shock absorption. After the salesperson introduced me to all of this, I realized I didn't want to delve into it yet. My choice settled on sneakers suitable for long-distance asphalt running. This footwear provides joint safety and is comfortable for running even on dirt park paths.

Listen to yourself

Of course, before starting the program, you will have many questions: about the best time of day for training, choosing a route, proper body movements, and food before and after exercise. You can easily find all the answers on the internet! But don't try to study the smallest details, or you'll never get to training. Set one goal - to attend a workout on a specific day, and the rest will come naturally as your body guides you.

Technical preparation

The training program dictates the time, so you need to have a watch with a stopwatch feature. Initially, I used a mobile phone, but soon realized that I would be running for a long time, so I bought a heart rate monitor watch. This small chest-mounted sensor is barely noticeable. It's a convenient tool that helps maintain the correct pace. If I run too fast, my pulse increases, and the device beeps to alert me. Now I'm considering buying a heart rate monitor with GPS functionality to track speed, distance, and routes. You can also install a program that emits audio signals when it's time to alternate between walking and running. There are also mobile apps like "Couch25k." Just download and choose the one that suits you best.

vocabulary Bruce Lee: "Among other things, don't try to cheat yourself in any exercise: work only with the weight you will handle without undue strain."

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