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vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."
One-arm push-ups

One-arm push-ups


otzimanija-na-odnoj-rukeSingle-arm push-ups are very effective for strengthening almost all muscle groups and increasing endurance. Performing a one-arm push-up maximises the use of the shoulder girdle muscles, pumps up the triceps, works the entire chest area and strengthens the ligaments more than any other exercise. The appeal of this type of exercise is that, although it is difficult to perform, it can help you develop powerful upper body muscles and also strengthen your legs.

If you have decided to master one-armed push-ups, do not rush into it. They are not easy to do. It is no secret that you first need to reach a certain level of physical fitness that will allow you to perform push-ups with both hands from the floor in a comfortable and high-quality way. Let's look at the exercise from a technical point of view, so that beginners can achieve maximum results in a short time and without excessive effort.


One of the most important criteria here is your sense of balance. You must learn to maintain your balance with confidence. To do this, try rolling from one hand to the other while lying down. If you find this difficult, start by lowering yourself 10 cm at a time until you feel comfortable, and then gradually increase or decrease the distance. This is necessary so that you can find the best depth for future one-arm push-ups.

When doing one-arm push-ups, there is a great temptation to use the obliques to help you, which is natural in this position and will help you at first. However, you need to understand that the 'clean' way is only when you can do it using only the shoulder girdle and the arm itself. In fact, an excellent maximum for one arm push-ups is when you can do 15-20 repetitions.

Positioning of legs during the exercise

Now let's look at the position of your legs. The farther apart they are, the easier it is to do the push-ups, and conversely, bringing them closer together gradually will help you achieve a perfect execution. Your knees should be fully extended, as bending them can significantly reduce the effectiveness and become a habit as an additional aid to pushing off. The pelvis should not be pushed up, as in classic push-ups, but kept in line with the torso and legs. Your lower back should also be fixed and not arched.

Hand positioning

Now your arms: place one arm behind your back, but don't reach for it, twist your torso. Single-arm push-ups do not allow any bending, which is justified by the safety technology. There is a lot of tension in the whole body and it is necessary to follow these rules technically in order to avoid injuries and strains. So if you find it difficult to keep your arm behind your back without bending, it's better to keep it straight along your body.

It is particularly important to keep the wrist of the working arm just below the shoulder when doing one-armed push-ups. This will allow you to work the shoulder and chest muscles as effectively as possible. Over time, you can vary the angle and arm width, but not at the beginning. Keep your head as free as you find comfortable, but don't raise it as this will make execution and breathing difficult. You should also relax your neck.

These are all the simple secrets of single arm pushups. Remember, as with any workout, the most important thing is persistence and desire!

vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."

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