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vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."
Push-ups on fists - for punches

Push-ups on fists - for punches


Push-ups on fists - pros and cons

Push-ups on fists are attractive for the following reasons:

  1. Push-ups help with the correct positioning of the fist during a strike.
  2. They strengthen the wrist tendons, allowing for stronger punches.
  3. They prevent wrist injuries.
  4. They strengthen the bones and skin on the fist, providing a direct benefit to oneself and harm to the opponent.
  5. Push-ups on fists increase the amplitude of the exercise, making it more effective for building muscle. You can rotate your fists as if you were lifting weights, and in the future add weight to a backpack (water bottles, for example) and place your feet on a chair for even more resistance.

However, to avoid injuring your wrist during a strike, you need to practice striking directly on a punching bag, as push-ups only indirectly help with this.

Start by doing push-ups on a soft surface, like a mat, and gradually move to a harder surface to strengthen your knuckles.

There is no harm in doing these push-ups, as long as you approach them sensibly and don't overdo it. However, there will come a point where these push-ups will no longer be enough. To achieve the desired effect, you will need to work with a heavy punching bag without gloves. This is when the "final strengthening" occurs. Professional boxers hit the punching bag to toughen their skin and prevent wrist injuries, as their punching power allows them to do so without consequence.

Types of push-ups

Let's focus on push-ups on fists in a lying position (video: 200 push-ups). There are various types:

  1. Push-ups with a change in hand position during a jump.
  2. Push-ups on fists with 1/2/3 claps during a jump.
  3. Thai push-ups - explosive punches with a leg lift.
  4. One-arm push-ups on a fist.
  5. Forward rolls with a wide stance on fists.
  6. Push-ups on an uneven surface - one hand at a higher level than the other.
  7. Alternating push-ups on fists/fingers.
  8. Push-ups on four, two, three, two, and one finger(s) of one/two hands.
  9. Variable changes in the angle of the fists/hands during push-ups in a lying position.

There is an opinion that doing push-ups for too long without changing the load can cause muscle rigidity due to static stress. But who's to stop you from alternating push-ups with hitting the punching bag?

vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."

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