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vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."
How to choose the right protein? Which protein is better to take?

How to choose the right protein? Which protein is better to take?


Today we will talk about choosing the right protein and which protein to prefer.

To answer the question about choosing the right protein and preferable options, let's systematize the products available on the market. Next, we will focus on the product that is most likely to meet your needs and objectives, taking into account your training regimen. Let's touch on the most significant selection aspects.

Types of Protein Products

Whey protein

Іs the most valuable component among protein supplements. In relation to other animal and plant proteins, this type of protein is a storehouse of significant reserves of BCAAs. Whey protein has the ability to break down quickly compared to other whole protein structures. As a result, muscle tissue gets the required amino acid volume at the maximum speed. This plays a significant role after training and night rest;

Egg protein

Embodies the protein standard. It is absorbed at a very high level;


Has a complex structure. This protein is obtained by curdling milk under enzymatic influence. Casein produces a curd mass in the body, and its assimilation takes a long time. As a result, the body gets the required amino acids for an extended period. Casein is recommended to be taken at night and when it is necessary to provide long-lasting nutrition;

Soy protein

A protein with a balanced amino acid content. It helps to significantly reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. This property makes this protein indispensable for those who suffer from excess body weight and intolerance to milk-based products. There is information about the negative impact of soy protein on the intestine, which requires careful dosing;


It has the most suitable amino acid composition to build and restore connective, joint, ligamentous apparatus, and skin tissues. The product is usually used as an addition to protein mixes;

Milk protein

It is a mixture of whey-casein proteins, which includes milk carbohydrates.

Of course, all listed types of protein are sold as separate concentrates, isolates, and other forms. The products for sale have any of the aforementioned components as the main ingredient. Sports nutrition manufacturers produce various protein mixes and complex preparations. These preparations are a combination of different types of protein in a wide range of proportions.

What to pay attention to?

It is essential to pay attention to the protein content, composition, and processing method. Proteins in the form of concentrates and isolates are widely used today. Protein concentrates are characterized by a low price but lower value. The increased lactose content also does not add to their appeal. In case of lactose sensitivity, gastrointestinal disturbances may occur. Protein isolate represents a form with higher purification, making its biological value more significant. Isolates are characterized by rapid absorption, which is undoubtedly an essential aspect. However, athletes do not always need this rapid absorption, so it is better to take protein supplements with different degrees of purification and varying absorption periods.

That's why it's so important to familiarize yourself with the composition and consider the total protein content and the amount of amino acids in one serving. The most valuable proteins are those with a high amino acid level and a large number of BCAAs. Protein supplements to food have vitamin and mineral enrichment with the addition of glutamine and creatine. There are components capable of enhancing the overall effect of the product.

Which manufacturer to prefer?

Which company to prefer when choosing protein products? The sports nutrition market segment is occupied by a vast number of manufacturers. Many brands are available. Recommending something specific is difficult due to the individual approach in each case.

The online sports nutrition store offers a wide range of products from trusted and well-recognized manufacturers by athletes of different levels. You will surely find a suitable product that meets your specific needs. The price range of products is also quite broad. The assortment includes proteins from manufacturers such as Dymatize Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, MuscleTech, BioTech, Scitec Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, Weider, Multipower, Optimum Nutrition, and many others.

The difference between gainer and protein

To answer this question, it is necessary to clarify the significant differences between the two products. They are intended for different purposes. The best option would be to take these products at different times of the day and at various stages of the training process. This will lead to the desired result.

In summary, we reiterate that the issues of protein selection and specific preferences directly depend on the set goals. The assortment available on the market can help achieve any of them.

To choose the right protein, consider your individual needs, goals, and training regimen. Whey protein is generally considered the best option for post-workout recovery, while casein can be beneficial for night-time nutrition. Make sure to consult with a nutritionist or a fitness expert to find the best protein option for your specific needs.

vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."

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