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vocabulary Unknown: "Memories, a luxury that only honest people can afford."
Proteins and Gainers - what are they?

Proteins and Gainers - what are they?



Proteins are found in pork or beef, cereals and vegetables, dairy products, or eggs. They should make up at least 10-15% of a person's diet. These substances are also necessary for people because they are responsible for supplying the required amount of amino acids.

Out of two dozen types of amino acids, only 12 can be produced in the human body, and only with proper and balanced nutrition. The other 8 are called essential. That's why athletes, especially those involved in the most physically and energetically demanding sports, need proteins to repair and strengthen muscle tissue after exerting loads. You can easily buy protein in a sports nutrition store.

Bodybuilders get the necessary substances from whey protein or with a pre-collected set of amino acids. Such packages are freely sold in any sports nutrition store. Protein is a powder with various flavors that can be mixed with water or milk. First of all, such complexes should be purchased by people who are subjected to heavy physical loads, especially during competitions or serious preparation for them. Ordinary people with average activity can get everything they need from food.


Many athletes strive to gain weight. To do this, they additionally take gainers. This is a special type of sports nutrition, consisting of whey protein, which we mentioned earlier, complex carbohydrates, which should be more than proteins, and a modest dose of fats.

Special attention is paid to proteins. Whey protein is considered the most effective. Egg and milk proteins also have good characteristics. However, athletes often prefer special mixtures with all the above components.

Soy protein has the worst performance, and its consumption can lead to a decrease in testosterone production in men.

vocabulary Unknown: "Memories, a luxury that only honest people can afford."

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