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Pistol Carry Options & Firearm Contact Explained

Pistol Carry Options & Firearm Contact Explained


Legislative requirements in this article updated on April 28, 2023, according to the law during martial law in Ukraine.

Weapons and You

- What is better in terms of carrying?

- First of all, you should pay attention to the technique of concealed carry, not the size of the pistol. Of course, the need for concealed carry imposes certain restrictions on the wardrobe, but this is the necessary compromise that has to be made. For example, going out in shorts and a stretch tank top in summer will not be possible.

- What other options are there for carrying a pistol?

- There are three factors that play a role in concealed carry:

1. Carrying comfort;concealed carry of a pistol in front
2. Concealment of carry;
3. Speed of drawing;

Based on these factors, we will consider different ways of carrying.

In front (behind the belt or in a waistband holster) – you can quickly draw the pistol and bring it to the central axis of fire, but walking like this is uncomfortable – you won't be able to sit or bend comfortably.

carrying a pistol behind the belt at the backAt the back – we gain in concealment and drawing speed, but we lose in comfort, as sitting in a car with this arrangement is quite uncomfortable.

«Operational» holster (so beloved by movie detectives) – I would not even consider it for the following reason: due to the arc-shaped trajectory of drawing the weapon, it takes relatively long to draw and bring the pistol to the line of fire. The second reason – at a short distance of conflict (about 1 meter) the opponent simply blocks the drawing of the pistol, and you will be disarmed. The only advantage of this holster for drivers – it does not interfere with sitting in the car, and in case of threat from the left (from the driver's window), it allows for a quick shot.

concealed carry of a pistol on the sideOn the side – in my opinion, the optimal option. You can draw the pistol very quickly, the hand does not require stabilization and moves like a piston on the line of fire. Even if there is not enough time to raise the pistol to the required height, you can shoot at the legs, thus gaining a second or two for yourself.

- Is open carry of weapons prohibited?

- There is no direct legislative prohibition. I would phrase it differently – it is not recommended. In some situations, by doing so, you might provoke a police officer to take active actions against you – it is better to avoid this. Also, every patrol officer will stop you and ask for a carry permit – it is more reasonable to use concealed carry.

Lawyer's comment: This statement is not entirely accurate because the Instruction states slightly differently: During transportation or carrying, firearms and pneumatic weapons must be unloaded and placed in a special case, bag, holster, etc. When carrying or transporting weapons and ammunition for them, main parts of the weapons, devices, and cartridges for them, the owner must have a police permit for the right to store and carry such weapons, main parts of weapons, and devices.

- Is it difficult to carry a pistol so that it is not noticeable?

- We talked about the need to change the wardrobe – in fact, it is not that critical. With the right skills and use of modern holsters, concealed carry is not a problem. Here, on a fragile girl weighing 50 kg (instructor of the Practical Shooting Association Alena gladly demonstrates), it is easy to conceal a rather impressive Fort-17. An inside-the-waistband holster is used, which is fixed inside the pants and allows for a quick draw of the pistol. Moreover, it hardly restricts movement.

Secrets of firearms contact

- Why do you recommend traumatic weapons specifically for self-defense?

- Today, a pistol does not always play the role of a deterrent: there is a lot of air guns on the market, allowed for free sale, which are made to look similar to combat models.

Therefore, in a real situation, demonstrating the same traumatic Makarov today might cause mockery like: «hide, darn it, your air gun!». That is, there is no point in relying on the intimidation factor, rather, consider it as a tool that, when used correctly, will help protect your life through shooting, not demonstration.

- How important and necessary is it to be able to shoot quickly?

- Modern firearms contact statistics show that one shot is often not enough. I collect statistics on the use of weapons from various sources - from emergency hospitals, from the prosecutor's office - usually, it takes 3-4 shots to effectively hit the target. Even in the case of using combat weapons. And when using traumatic weapons (where the energy of the shot is significantly lower than in combat), don't expect to stop an attacker with just one shot.

With proper drawing skills, you can do this in about one second. In a real situation, the conflict distance is usually 1-3 meters - there is no need to extend the pistol far forward on the line of fire, it is enough to draw it and press the hand to the body to stabilize and effectively shoot. Moreover, if you extend the pistol far forward, there is a real chance of getting hit on the hand, dropping the pistol, or making an unaimed shot. After all, the opponent is not standing still but actively acting - never forget that.

- Regarding shooting - how can the classic «gangsta» movie grip of the pistol - when the pistol is positioned horizontally - be explained?

- An interesting story - during the times of various peoples' struggle for their independence, one of the most popular pistols was the revolutionary «comrade Mauser». Thanks to its long barrel and powerful ammunition, the recoil throws the barrel far upward, which makes it quite difficult to shoot quickly and accurately in chaotic combat situations. However, if you rotate the pistol by 90 degrees, the recoil will throw the barrel sideways, not upwards, which allows for more accurate, albeit unaimed shots at a group target.

Funny fact – the ejection port of the Mauser is positioned so that the casings flew upwards. As a result, an inexperienced shooter would get hit on the forehead with a heavy and hot casing. This also contributed to the «tilting» of the pistol into the horizontal plane and the formation of such a «shooting style».

- How much time or shots does an average person need to feel - this pistol is yours?

- It varies from person to person - some people only need one or two sessions. For others, even two months can be insufficient.

- How much time is needed to maintain a shooter's skills?

- 15 minutes a day is enough. It's not necessary to shoot, you can practice skills «dry» - drawing the pistol, taking a position for shooting. “You talking to me?


Weapon Storage Rules

Weapons, ammunition for them, main parts of weapons, and cartridges for them, owned by citizens, must be stored in metal boxes, safes, specially designed for weapon storage, at the place of their permanent residence or in temporary places of owners' stay (country houses, etc.), which is reported to the police. In this case, weapons and devices must be in an unloaded state.

Author: Denis Sukhinin

Lawyer: Dmitry Donchak

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vocabulary Somali saying: "if you give a woman a bed of roses she will give you a bed of thorns"

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