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vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."
Nigerian fraud - or how I sold a laptop on

Nigerian fraud - or how I sold a laptop on


Nigeria attacks))  Be careful, the Internet is full of scammers. Many people have already fallen for this trap:,1,4,1753-moshennik-iz-nigerii-stal-schastlivym-obladatelem.html

 Unfortunately, taking advantage of Slavic credulity - Nigerians get by with things, for free.

  Also, it turns out that they have entire offices where people sit for days and scam people... I mean, it's a whole business!!!

  Well - to get caught up in their scam pretty hard if you go into detail.
Below I present all the correspondence with the scammer:

I placed an ad to sell my laptop on

An ad on

And then a letter arrives from [email protected]:

Hello seller, is this item still available for sale? give me your price in Euro.

Well... I wondered how a foreigner on a Russian-speaking board ended up understanding the ad while writing in English...

Wrote him back:


Price in Euro is 155.

Yes, item still available. I have advertise it yesterday.

Best regards, Yaroslav.

Immediately a reply came from the mysterious foreigner:

Thanks for the prompt response..I am ready to buy it now as a gift for my  business partner and the item is urgently needed and i cannot pick the item  up due to the nature of my work, I need the item urgently and i really want  the item to be a surprise for my partner so i will be paying you 170Eur for  the item and also i will be paying you 60Eur for the shipping fee via EMS  POST so what you have to do now is to give me your Bank Account Details or  your PayPal Email Address so i can make the payment so get back to me now  with your payment details so i can proceed with the payment now and here is  the details needed from you above:
 Full Name    Account Number    Total Cost
 PayPal Email Address
Ok, if you get into it - it all seems wrong: the man wants to give a gift.... with a second-hand laptop?))  tries to stun me by giving more than its exposed value, while it seems he does not care where I am located, and the shipping cost of 60 euros is taken from nowhere... In general, I wrote him a meaningful response:

It is great offer for me, but here is some problems, with:

1. Pay Pal not pass payments in Ukraine and others FSU Countries.
2. EMS POST - is Russian postal service, here in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) where i live - there are "NOVA POSHTA" (best within Ukraine sheeping service), and DHL (I don't know where the notebook need to send - so DHL is international postal service).
3. I don't know nothing about you - from what Country are you, first of all. To calculate the shipping cost - need to know sending point.

I can give you

Full Name: ______________
Account Number: __________________  (Visa)
Total Cost: Item price + sheeping cost (about the cost of shipping, I wrote above)

May be, you can transfer money with

To which the mysterious stranger replied almost immediately:

Hello, i have got your visa account details to transfer the money to and thanks for the details...So get the item pack for shipping now and once i made the payment, get the item send to my partner destination address and i will contact you once the payment has been made.

And here it was already clear that it smells like a scam...

  1. First of all, he ignored my questions, both about where he was from and about WHERE the parcel should be sent.
  2. Another question came up - does he know English?...

But the most interesting thing was next))) A letter comes to me, "like from the bank" from the address [email protected] (with subject: 

***Confirmation of Transaction ID : 9GW755953N953900L***Credit Europe Transfer Notification of Auction Payment ***):

1 письмо

I laughed for a long time. I remembered that somewhere in the news there were a lot of complaints about scammers from Nigeria in the USA... )) do they really think that someone in Ukraine can be swindled this way? 

Anyway... I thought maybe they don't even read people's emails, but just send template responses. And even more - they think that the bulletin board conducts payments through itself, being like an internet auction like e-bay)...

And another letter came with the subject line:

Credit Europe Auction Payment team Has Sent You Confirmation for An Auction Payment ***9GW755953N953900L**Awaiting for your response from the same email address:

2 письмо

So there you go... Richard Bobbie - decided to get rich off a used laptop))

And sends me another letter so I don't get the delivery address mixed up:

I want you to know that i just make the transfer into your Visa account  and you should gotten the payments notification from my bank by now,you can check in your email inbox and bulk folders cause it goes in there sometimes,So i will love you to go ahead with the shipping now via EMS POST.... And get back to me with the shipment details and you are also to get back to my bank customer email with the shipment details also,so they can deposit your funds into your Visa account immediately,make sure you ship it to my bank verified address on the payments notification.
Name: Adenuga Adedeji
Address: No 12 Alarere Street, Dugbe
State:  Oyo State
City :   Ibadan
Country:    Nigeria
Zip Code:   23402
Phone Number: +23453667550
Pleasure doing Business with you.

Well, I certainly would be happy to send through EMS mail, but we do not have it in Ukraine, and I've already written to him about it ... Well, come on Adenuga Adedeji, even I do not know what to tell you now.

The next day I got an email, which I unfortunately deleted, and it said something like:

Where's my delivery? Why didn't you send the package? Are you trying to scam me?

In the heat of the moment I deleted it ... and then came the bright idea to make this post. In general, if something else will send dear Richard Bobby, be sure to add here)))

Intimidation by Interpol and the FBI

Two days later a letter arrived... from Interpol and the FBI at the same time! The entrepreneurial Nigerians put the emblems of these two organizations in their letters... probably to scare me and make me send them my laptop or other electronics, this time the letter came again from Credit Europe Bank Transfer [email protected]:

3-rd letter

What can I say - first of all:

  1. Until I saw the money on my card account, I wouldn't lift a finger.
  2. The bank cannot send letters from the [email protected] mailing address. For that matter - the bank will not send a letter, it will send a text message that my account has been credited, or I will go to a personal account at the bank and see this amount myself.
  3. All of the "shenanigans" of the Nigerians I described above, and that's what's on the surface - but if you dig around... there's a blunder upon a blunder. It's just impossible to fall for this scam. But by typing in Google "scammers from Nigeria" found sites where people tell their sad stories of how they lost their things - BEWARE!

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    vocabulary Augustine: "Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much one loves oneself."

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