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vocabulary Somali saying: "if you give a woman a bed of roses she will give you a bed of thorns"
Pull-up bar abs workout

Pull-up bar abs workout

  Pull-up bar abs workout
1. Warm-up  10-15 mins
2. Leg and knee raises on the pull-up bar 3 sets
(leg raises +
knee raises)
3. Static hold - hold the "L-sit" position on the pull-up bar.  1 set and more

   In this article, I want to describe the methods of abs training. The methods that, in my opinion, are the most effective and interesting. From personal experience, I can say that training abs is quite simple, considering that the abs muscles are quite enduring, i.e. discomfort is minimal. At the same time, the result is pleasant and stays with you for a long time)

1. Warm-up

  During the warm-up, you should warm up and stretch your lower back, as the load will go on it. We do bends to the left/right, forward and backward, until we feel flexibility and warmth there.

2. Leg and knee raises on the pull-up bar (2-3 sets):

 We hang on the pull-up bar and begin to lift our legs straight up to the bar, doing so smoothly without jerks or swinging. For example, if you can't do 10 repetitions right away, that's okay. Lifting straight legs is only the first step.

 Once you've done the maximum number of repetitions and lifted your legs to the bar, DO NOT jump to the ground. Now we start lifting our bent legs to our chest. It's a great way to work your oblique abdominal muscles if you lift your knees not straight to your chest but to the left and right, i.e. twist to the left and right.

 We do this exercise until we feel the burning in our abs and can't do any more:)

 The exercise described above is very effective in strengthening the abs and takes very little time. It also helps to train your grip and forearms.

Pull-up bar3. Static exercise - holding the "corner" on the pull-up bar for time.

 You can alternate this method with the one described in paragraph 2, as it's unlikely that you'll be able to do these two sets of exercises in a row (unless you cheated on the first one:)). It's best to do it with friends, it's fun and a little easier than lifting your legs (easier because your forearms don't tire as much when holding the "corner" than when lifting your legs and subsequent lifting of bent knees - your forearms hurt more than your abs on the 2nd and even more on the 3rd approach - author's note).

 Your friends time you. You hang on the pull-up bar and keep your legs straight, at a 90-degree angle to your body. You try to hold on as long as possible - show your friends who's the boss here :). You can slightly bend your knees if it's too difficult. The goal is to hold on as long as possible.

 This exercise is great for working your abs, as well as strengthening your lower back muscles, which have to compensate for your body's position while holding the "corner." You can also do this while hanging on one arm, doing the "corner," and bending your arm at the elbow to 90 degrees...the main thing is to have someone take a picture of you doing it ))

 Take turns timing each other, you can do it according to the "who hangs on the longest" method ;). Another great way is to freeze in the "corner" position on the pull-up bar with two people or better yet, with 3 (or more people) and hold on until only the strongest one remains...

vocabulary Somali saying: "if you give a woman a bed of roses she will give you a bed of thorns"

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