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vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."
Group classes at the fitness club: expectations and reality. 1 part

Group classes at the fitness club: expectations and reality. 1 part


My introduction to group training began at an ordinary fitness club. A long time ago, I became enamored with the idea of working on my body specifically in group classes because there is a certain competitive spirit where you won't just leave a workout and not keep up with everyone - somehow, I don't want that either. That's the motivation I came up with. I'll say right away that before, I tried to do shaping from time to time and go to a regular gym, but it didn't last more than half a year, and then there were gaps for years. Of course, there were results, but not the ones I dreamed of. Like most girls, my legs have always been the problem area. All the extra pounds were concentrated there! And who would like that?!

Group classes at the fitness club: expectations and reality. 1 partOn a quest for the perfect figure

What seriously prompted me to work on myself and try not to quit was a strong desire to achieve the perfect figure at any cost! At that time, I had already turned 23, and my reflection in the mirror was not at all pleasing. Summer was ending, and as soon as September arrived, I hopped over to the fitness club manager and got a regular annual membership! Having carefully studied the group class schedule, I decided to start with aerobics and then attend other workouts.

I really liked aerobics - it was fun, active, the trainer encouraged us, and there was a good rhythm and music. After the workouts, I felt pleasant fatigue, especially since we stretched our muscles well at the end of the classes. Having attended aerobics twice a week for the first month, I became more energetic and noticed that my skin had tightened up a little. It was at this moment that I thought I needed to do something else and exercise more actively, because I want to see visible results sooner!!!

And so, on this note, I began to pester the trainer with my questions on the topic: "And when will it happen?... How much is needed?... Why can't I see any results?" I must give credit to the girl who patiently listened to me and calmly began to explain. She told me that I would only notice the first visible results after 4 months, and I would need to attend classes at least 4 times a week. Another important point she mentioned was the need to alternate strength and cardio workouts. With some effort, the thought finally settled in my head that I now had to go a whole 4 days a week. I had a lot of desire, and I started working hard.

Group classes at the fitness club: expectations and reality. 1 partBody Sculpt and aerobics

My regular class schedule now included Body Sculpt - a strength-based type of aerobics that involves various weights, dumbbells, and body bars. The goal was to maximize the development of gluteal muscles and thighs. This type of workout drained all my energy in an hour, and I crawled out of the gym. I must say that after such workouts, you spend the rest of the day on "autopilot" and have no energy left for anything else. For the first month, I told myself that "Rome wasn't built in a day," and I just needed to get used to this rhythm, and then it would become easier. In the end, for the next three months, I exercised 4 times a week, 3 of which were Body Sculpt and 1 aerobics. After classes, I tried to run for 15-20 minutes. From time to time, I also went to stretching classes - they are great, and you feel as if you've had a massage afterward.

So, 4 months passed. I must say they were quite challenging for me - after all, the trainers tried to "squeeze" the maximum out of us at every workout, I would say at every exercise. Having made friends with other girls, we tried our best to support each other.

Group class results

And then it was time to evaluate the first results. I stood in front of the mirror and… oh no, besides smoother skin and a barely tightened butt, I didn't see anything else!!! My disappointment was limitless. The "saddlebags" on my thighs hadn't disappeared, and I hadn't lost any weight! Psychologically, I was devastated at that moment because I had put in a tremendous amount of effort into active workouts, and the results seemed not just unsatisfactory but utterly non-existent to me. Group classes at the fitness club: expectations and reality. 1 partAfter deep contemplation, on the third day, I gathered my strength and decided to continue. I knew perfectly well that the ideal body is achieved through years of training, not months - it's just that the beginning is the hardest part.

After another 2 months of active workouts, I began to notice that such an exhausting pace simply drained all my energy, and it was a huge effort to make myself pack my bag and go to exercise. The coach advised me to change the environment and try the gym, but I felt very constrained there, and besides, the machines I needed were often occupied by guys who spent a lot of time there, so I had to work out wherever I could. This all discouraged me, and after 6 months of classes, I gave up again, dropping all activities, even though I had already paid for another 6 months, but I didn't care, I couldn't take it psychologically!

Besides, we geathered in a separate material our advises what to do in case you don't have a desire to attend the gym anymore.

«Went the distance now I'm back on my feet»

Many girls with whom I started in September also almost stopped attending group classes. Such an experience in life was probably experienced by many of us, but in the end, if the desire to have a beautiful and toned figure does not leave, then everything will work out!! Now I will tell you how I managed to achieve the desired result without exhausting myself to the point of losing consciousness.

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vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."

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