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vocabulary La Rochefoucauld: "To be a great man, one must be able to take advantage of all that fate offers."
My personal recipe for victory. 2 part

My personal recipe for victory. 2 part

  1. 1nd part of my experiense, how I changed my mind after starting group classes.

Returning to the "arena"

thinkingA year later, I had a lot of time to think about why I didn't have enough strength and persistence to simply get myself in order?!

One of the main factors that I was not satisfied with was the excess weight. Although I was not fat, I was definitely chubby. This bothered me in the first place. Instinctively, I realized that no matter how hard I sweat during workouts, I will not lose weight just by exercising, and I should start with a diet. I had experience with exhausting monthly diets, and I knew that I didn't want that again!

In one month, I dug up a mountain of information about weight loss and bothered so many people that I came to the only conclusion - only proper nutrition, without excess, would help me lose weight for the long term! This made me very happy, as every girl who has been on a diet at least once to lose 3 kg knows perfectly well that starving yourself is not an option. Moreover, after a strict diet, the pounds quickly return. Another downside is moral exhaustion - which is the worst of all.

Long-term weight loss

Long-term weight loss (3-6 months) completely suited me, as I did not want to repeat old mistakes. I started by giving up bread, excluding pastries, eating only boiled or baked foods, and reducing my portions by half. At first, it was a little uncomfortable when the family ate flavorful fried cutlets or fatty garnishes with meat, and I ate boiled turkey breast. But you get used to it quickly if you have the desire. My proper nutrition also included a large amount of pure water per day, dairy products, and nuts. When I craved sweets, I bought dried or dehydrated fruits, which helped me a lot. The most wonderful thing about this diet was the absence of moral overload because I ate almost everything I wanted.

First results and inspiration

tape measureWhen I stepped on the scale after a month, I was delighted - minus 4 kg!!! Moreover, my skin condition significantly improved, my stomach disappeared, and I felt much lighter. In just three months, I lost 9 (!) kilograms, and a completely different girl appeared in the mirror! The troublesome saddlebags on my thighs were gone, my legs became slimmer, and I started wearing size 42! Since then and to this day, I try not to cross the line, and if I gain 2-3 kg during holidays, the weight quickly returns to normal.

After I acquired the volumes I wanted, I started thinking about sports because my muscles needed to be toned! However, my subconscious still repelled the idea, remembering those exhausting months of training. I talked to close people on this topic, received a lot of advice, but it didn't help either.

After some time, I realized that I simply needed to get rid of all those mistakes I repeated in the past. The ongoing weight loss gave me strength. In sports, I decided to follow the same principle as in nutrition – long-term work without psychological and physical overload.

Motivation to exercise

I didn't want to attend group classes anymore and decided to start with the gym. I visited during the hours when there were the fewest people – in the morning (sometimes in the afternoon). I chose the gym precisely because I could control my condition and not "serve" the entire hour of intensive training, as it was before.

My main principle became one belief – leave the gym before I was completely exhausted.

Even on those days when I was in a very good mood and had thoughts like "I'll go for a run now," I still turned towards the locker room and left before I was completely tired. My standard gym workouts now consisted of 3-4 main leg exercises and as many arm exercises. I periodically trained my abs and back. It took 40-50 minutes, which became enough for me.

joyAfter two months of going to the gym, I noticed that I WANTED to go there! After all, the first results began to appear, and I was not exhausted or tormented! This was my first real victory! But I didn't rush to celebrate, promising myself only one thing: now that I've gotten rid of all past mistakes, I need to focus on one aspect – going to the gym REGULARLY. Yes, indeed, going to the gym and working with relatively heavy weights (8-12 kg), because these exercises create the shapes we, GIRLS, want!!! By the way, squatting with a 10 kg barbell shaped my buttocks in 2 months SO much better than exhausting aerobic loads in 6 months! After all the past "crashes," conscientious visits to the fitness club seemed like a piece of cake. Three, five, six months passed, and... I've been going to the gym for 10 months, and I like it!!! My figure has significantly improved, and sometimes I don't believe the mirror, but the fact remains the fact!!! Now I even rarely attend group classes.

My conclusions and experience over 2 years

My main conclusion is that you need to adequately assess your strength!!

  1. If you feel that you can't handle the training – slow down and start small. If you push too hard, you'll definitely lose motivation for a long time or forever.
  2. If you are overweight, you need to lose weight by eating properly because the results of training under excess weight are poorly visible. If you don't see the results within 4-6 months, there's a high chance you'll give up.
  3. It's better to UNDER train than to OVER train.
  4. Don't put psychological pressure on yourself, and just give yourself one promise – to regularly go to the gym! After all, most often there are no results due to irregular physical activity.

That's about it! That's the experience I gained, gradually learning from my mistakes. I really hope that this information will help you achieve good results in sports and better understand yourself! Good luck!

vocabulary La Rochefoucauld: "To be a great man, one must be able to take advantage of all that fate offers."

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