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vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."
Exercises for the inner thighs  to remove cellulite

Exercises for the inner thighs to remove cellulite


All girls are horrified when they see cellulite on their thighs and it can't help but be depressing! The inner thigh area is more prone to fat deposits. Fortunately, it's one of the best areas that respond to "treatment" against cellulite and excess volume!

We've put together a small selection of exercises that work best for burning subcutaneous fat on the inner thighs and strengthening them! Since this area of the legs is quite delicate, exercises should be performed at a moderate pace and without jerking. Here we will work with the weight of our own body, making this workout perfect for beginners. If you are already in good physical shape, we recommend using ankle weights of 2-3 kg.

Results will not keep you waiting. Let's get started!

Exercises for the inner thighs

1. Swings in a side plank. This exercise effectively warms up the muscles of the inner thighs and greatly removes excess centimeters. If you feel a strong burning sensation while performing it, that's great! Try to perform the swings using the effort of the muscles on the inner side of the thigh, and then you will achieve the best results.

Body in line with legs. Balance on supporting arm. Swing up and down. One minute for each leg.



2. The "scissors" exercise excellently strengthens the entire inner part of the legs and engages the deep thigh muscles.

Scissors exercise. Excellent for strengthening the inner part of the thigh. Cross your legs over each other. Let's do it for one minute.


3. Jumping from a half-squat not only works the thighs but also the glutes!

Bend your legs slightly at the knees, tilt your body a little forward. Then do side jumps with your legs from half squat position. Do it for a minute.



4. In a plank position, the entire body will work, making it an excellent exercise for burning calories.

From the support on the stretched arms take out alternately right and left legs under the torso. Don't stick out your butt. Tummy tucked in. One minute.

5. Classic squats with leg abduction to the side work well on all sides of the thighs.

Small leg position. Do squats, and when you stand, bring your right and left legs alternately to the side. Do it for 6 seconds.

6. Simulate jumping rope side to side. This exercise will be the conclusion of our fat-burning workout!

Jump on one leg from side to side. The leg is a little bent at the knee. Be careful not to hurt your ankle. One minute for each leg.

After this workout, you will effectively work the inner thighs, and regular training sessions will get you in great shape!

vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."

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