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Best Triceps Exercises

Best Triceps Exercises


Triceps is a three-headed shoulder muscle and an essential muscle for athletes, especially bodybuilders! All major presses and pulling exercises are performed with its help. To a large extent, thanks to its strength and endurance, one can determine a person's overall "fitness".

The triceps is significantly larger than the biceps in size, so if you want to have big and trained arms – focus on training the triceps first! There are many different complexes that can develop triceps strength and increase its volume. For the fastest results, of course, the most effective triceps exercises are required. Let's talk about them!

For best results, do at least 2 separate triceps exercises per week. Also, don't forget to change the number of sets and repetitions every month to achieve the best results.

French Press lying on a bench (or arm extension)

This exercise engages all three heads of the triceps muscle and stretches them well, which is important for growth!

It's better to use an EZ-curl bar. With your arms extended above your head, bend them only at the elbows. Only the forearms should move, bringing the bar back. Perform the exercise slowly, without jerking, to achieve the best results!

Cable Pushdown (arm extension)

A great exercise for increasing triceps endurance! Take a V-shaped cable handle with a narrow grip. Press your elbows against your torso, slightly bend your knees, and lean forward a little. Extend your arms fully downward. Your arms should not wobble; press them firmly against your body at the elbow area.

The main thing here is not to take too much weight, as your arms will start to wobble, and there will be no effect. The weight should be such that you can perform 12-15 extensions per set.

pushdownhandle push

Close-Grip Bench Press

Here you need to take a barbell with a weight that allows you to perform 12-15 repetitions. Hold the bar not with a standard grip, but slightly narrower than shoulder-width. At the same time, unfold your elbows strictly along your torso, so the triceps are fully engaged. Press the barbell until your arms are fully extended. In addition to triceps, close-grip bench press also effectively works the chest muscles and anterior deltoids!

close-gripclose-grip hv

Triceps Bench Dips

This exercise is especially valuable for its impact on the triceps. Thanks to these dips, the middle and rear muscle bundles "inflate," giving the arm an impressive appearance. This exercise also works the chest muscles and anterior deltoids! The technique is shown in the picture. Essentially, the main thing is to keep your elbows strictly back and make smooth bends of the arms at the elbows, lowering yourself as low as possible.

on the bench

Triceps Dumbbell Extension

Effectively works the lateral and middle heads of the triceps. Take a dumbbell in your hand, with which you can perform 12-15 repetitions. Extend your arm upward and bring the dumbbell behind your head, bending your arm only at the elbow; it should not wobble. It is crucial for the shoulder joint to be in a stable position, with only the forearm moving.

Triceps Triceps

vocabulary Ancient Aphorism: "Believe in order to understand."

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